Course Structure

This Master Course focuses on the design, management and improvement of Technology and Innovation strategies. It is multidisciplinary and builds on several scientific and engineering disciplines. The courses, project works and Master’s thesis include different pedagogical ideas and teaching and learning methods. The program is organized with an objective to produce graduates who will have an understanding of technology and innovation management techniques so that they have the capability to accept broader and more responsible roles, both technical and managerial, within an atmosphere of continual change. An important influence in our program is problem-based learning including case studies and problem solving with quantitative and qualitative models. The most important part of the study program is the project work, which runs throughout the 2 and 3 semesters. Wherever possible, the project work should be industry-based requiring students to investigate live problems.

In the first semester, four core courses (technology and management based) and one technology and innovation laboratory work will help students to develop an understanding of how technological innovation works within the organization and how it is shaped from the outside. Familiarity with a range of practical tools for managing the innovation process is also introduced. Then, in the second semester, more in-depth treatment of the strategic issues in technology and innovation management is covered. In this semester, 2 electives are also offered through a choice of elective courses (both departmental electives and technology and innovation management electives). A group Project Work is also undertaken this semester.

In the third semester, students will complete a directed study related to the research dissertation, (thesis) which offers the opportunity to pursue selected issues in greater depth, and to integrate these with broader theoretical and analytical work. In this semester, one core and one elective course will also be offered. Students should also complete a 2nd Project work in this semester. The final fourth semester will be completely devoted to the individual research work (masters’ thesis).

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